Duro-Last® Specifications

System Documents

System Specifications

Duro-Last® Mechanically Fastened Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Tuff® Mechanically Fastened Roofing SystemPDF
Adhered Duro-Fleece® Roofing SystemPDF
Adhered Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Bond® Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Roof® Roofing SystemPDF
Shingle-Ply® Roofing SystemPDF
Vinyl Rib Roofing SystemPDF
Paver Roofing SystemPDF
Vegetative Roofing SystemPDF
Covered Roof Assembly: Pre-Approval FormPDF
Ordering and Estimating InformationPDF
Miscellaneous InformationPDF
HVAC CleanersPDF

Duro-Shield™ Guides

Duro-Shield™ Roof Coating Installation GuidePDF
Duro-Shield™ Roof Coating Care GuidePDF

Product Data Sheets

Membrane: DL - Duro-Last®

DL40 MembranePDF
DL50 MembranePDF
DL60 MembranePDF
DL ARP (Asphalt-Resistant PVC)PDF

Membrane: DF - Duro-Fleece®

DF50 MembranePDF
DF60 MembranePDF
DF80 MembranePDF
DFC50 MembranePDF
DFC60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DFP - Duro-Fleece Plus®

DFP50 MembranePDF
DFP60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DT - Duro-Tuff®

DT50 MembranePDF
DT60 MembranePDF
DT80 MembranePDF
DTC50 MembranePDF
DTC60 MembranePDF

Membrane: EV - Duro-Last® EV

EV50 MembranePDF
EV60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DS - Designer Series

Rock-Ply® MembranePDF
Shingle-Ply® MembranePDF

Adhesive: Insulation

Adhesive Coverage RatesPDF
Duro-Grip® Board-MaxPDF
Duro-Grip® CR-20PDF
Duro-Grip® Insta-Stik™PDF
Duro-Grip® OlyBond500®PDF
Duro-Grip® Weather-Tite® Hurricane Force® PG-1PDF
Duro-Grip® Weather-Tite® One Step™PDF

Adhesive: Membrane

Adhesive Coverage RatesPDF
SB IV Adhesive (Solvent-Based)PDF
WB II Adhesive (Water-Based)PDF
Duro-Fleece® CR-20 Membrane AdhesivePDF
Duro-Fleece® OMG® Membrane AdhesivePDF
Tab Sealer 4725 AdhesivePDF

Caulk, Mastic, and Pitch Pocket Filler

Duro-Caulk® PlusPDF
Duro-Caulk® AdvancedPDF
SB-240 MasticPDF
Pitch Pan Filler (PPF)PDF

Custom Curbs, Stacks, and Corners

Curb FlashingPDF
Stack FlashingPDF
Corner FlashingPDF

Drains and Scuppers

Drain BootPDF
Composite Drain RingsPDF
Dome StrainerPDF
2-Inch Drain AdapterPDF
PVC Drain AssemblyPDF
SpeedTite® Roof DrainsPDF

Vapor Barrier

Duro-Last® Vapor BarrierPDF
Elastocol StickPDF
Elastophene® SP 2.2PDF

Duro-Guard® Fan Fold

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
XPS Fan Fold - A (Hybrid Crush/Cut Fold)PDF
XPS Fan Fold - P (Crush Fold)PDF

Duro-Guard® Insulation

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
ISO HD CompositePDF
EPS Fiberglass FacerPDF
EPS Nail BasePDF
EPS Flute Fill ComboPDF

Duro-Guard® Roof Board

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
DensDeck® 1/4-InchPDF
DensDeck® 1/2-InchPDF
DensDeck® 5/8-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 1/4-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 1/2-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 5/8-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 1/4-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 3/8-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 1/2-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 5/8-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 1/4-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 1/2-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 5/8-InchPDF
DEXcell™ Glass Mat 1/4-InchPDF
DEXcell™ Glass Mat 1/2-InchPDF
DEXcell™ Glass Mat 5/8-InchPDF
DEXcell™ FA Glass Mat 1/4-InchPDF
DEXcell™ FA Glass Mat 1/2-InchPDF
DEXcell™ FA Glass Mat 5/8-InchPDF
DEXcell™ CementPDF
ReWall® QuarterBackPDF
ReWall® HalfBackPDF

Duro-Light™ Skylights

Duro-Light™ Deck Mount SkylightPDF
Duro-Light™ Curb Mount SkylightPDF
Duro-Light™ EcoSky3PDF

Duro-Shield™ Coating System

Duro-Shield™ 5 Roof CoatingPDF
Duro-Shield™ 10 Roof CoatingPDF
Duro-Shield™ 20 Roof CoatingPDF
Duro-Shield™ Acrylic Roof PrimerPDF
Duro-Shield™ Brush-Grade MasticPDF
Polyester Reinforcement FabricPDF

Escutcheon (Conduit) Washer

Escutcheon (Conduit) WasherPDF

Exceptional® Metals

Fascia BasePDF
Fascia CoverPDF
High Profile® FasciaPDF
4-Inch Flex Fascia CoverPDF
2-Piece Snap-On Compression SystemPDF
2-Piece Snap-On Compression LG SystemPDF
2-Piece Flex Snap-On Compression SystemPDF
2-Piece Snap-On Compression ScupperPDF
Vinyl-Coated Drip EdgePDF
Arched Drip EdgePDF
T-Edge PlusPDF
Gravel Stop CoverPDF
Flat CopingPDF
Canted CopingPDF
Snap CopingPDF
Arched CopingPDF
Vinyl-Back Collector BoxPDF
Conductor HeadPDF
Parapet Wall VentPDF
Pitch PanPDF
Reglet and CounterflashingPDF
Vented Ridge CapPDF


Concrete ScrewPDF
Concrete NailPDF
Auger FastenerPDF
Zinc-Plated Metal AnchorPDF
Screw Point CapPDF

Non-Penetrating Anchors

U-Anchor 2000™PDF
U-Anchor 2000™ Membrane Attachment Ring-2PDF
U-Anchor 2400™PDF
PowerGrip PLUS®PDF

Parapet Wall Flashing

Parapet FlashingPDF


Duro-Bond® PlatePDF
Duro-Bond® Cardboard DiscPDF
Cleat Plate®PDF
3-Inch Metal PlatePDF
Insulation PlatePDF

Rooftop Supports

CADDY® PYRAMID EZ Rubber-Based SupportPDF
CADDY® PYRAMID ST Strut-Based SupportPDF
CADDY® PYRAMID RL Roller-Based SupportPDF

Slip Sheets

Duro-Blue® Separation Slip SheetPDF
Duro-Weave™ Separation Slip SheetPDF
Atlas® FR-10 and FR-50 Slip SheetsPDF
VersaShield® Solo™PDF
Geotextile Slip SheetPDF
Ballast MatPDF
Drainage MatPDF

Termination and Edge

Termination BarPDF
Fascia SystemPDF
Metal Fascia SystemPDF
Metal Compression SystemPDF
Gravel Stop - Metal CoverPDF
Duro-Flash IIPDF
VersaTerm™ EdgePDF


Two-Way Air VentPDF
Plenum VentPDF

Vinyl-Coated Metal

Vinyl-Coated MetalPDF

Vinyl Rib

Duro-Last® Vinyl RibPDF

Walkway Pad

Roof Trak® III Walkway PadPDF

Detail Drawings

Mech. Fastened - General Details

1010: Field SeamingPDFDXF
1020: Insulation and Recover FasteningPDFDXF
1030: Duro-Guard® Fan Fold FasteningPDFDXF
1040: Fastening into Metal and Wood DecksPDFDXF
1050: 31-Inch Reverse TabPDFDXF
1060: Custom-Fabricated Deck Sheet SeamingPDFDXF
1070: Cross-Flute Metal Deck TerminationPDFDXF
1080: Asphalt Roof Tie-InPDFDXF
1090: Single-Ply Roof Tie-InPDFDXF
1100: Single-Ply Roof Tie-InPDFDXF
1120: Shingle Roof Tie-InPDFDXF
1130: Termination on Mansard RoofsPDFDXF
1140: Curb-Style Expansion JointPDFDXF
1150: Curb-Style Expansion Joint with CapPDFDXF
1160: Deck-Level Expansion JointPDFDXF
1170: Deck-to-Wall Expansion JointPDFDXF
1180: Inside and Outside CornersPDFDXF
1190: Membrane Plate PositioningPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Drain Details

2011: Duro-Last® PVC Clamping Ring Roof DrainPDFDXF
2020: Roof Drain with Dome StrainerPDFDXF
2025: Overflow DrainPDFDXF
2030: Open-End Membrane ScupperPDFDXF
2041: Closed-End Membrane ScupperPDFDXF
2050: 2-Inch Drain AdapterPDFDXF
2060: Single Skirted Vinyl-Coated Metal Scupper with FlangePDFDXF
2061: Single Skirted Vinyl-Coated Metal ScupperPDFDXF
2070: Vinyl-Backed Collector Box with ScupperPDFDXF
2090: Gutter Attachment - X-SeriesPDFDXF
2095: Gutter Expansion Joint - X-SeriesPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Edge Details

3010: Termination BarPDFDXF
3020: Termination Bar into GutterPDFDXF
3030: 1 3/4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
3040: 4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
3050: 2-Inch Vinyl Drip Edge into GutterPDFDXF
3060: 2-Inch Vinyl Drip EdgePDFDXF
3070: 4-Inch Vinyl Drip EdgePDFDXF
3080: Gravel Stop / Drip Edge CornersPDFDXF
3090: 2-Inch Vinyl Gravel StopPDFDXF
3100: 4-Inch Vinyl Gravel StopPDFDXF
3110: 2-Piece Compression EdgePDFDXF
3111: 2-Piece Compression Edge (Greater than 60 Mil)PDFDXF
3115: 2-Piece Compression Edge LGPDFDXF
3120: Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
3130: Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
3140: Enveloped Termination Bar on CantPDFDXF
3500: 1 3/4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
3510: 4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
3511: 4-Inch Metal Flex Fascia CoverPDFDXF
3513: 2-Piece Flex Compression EdgePDFDXF
3520: 2-Inch Metal Gravel Stop CoverPDFDXF
3530: 4-Inch Metal Gravel Stop CoverPDFDXF
3540: Metal Edge ExtenderPDFDXF
3550: T-EdgePDFDXF
3555: T-Edge PlusPDFDXF
3560: 3 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF
3570: 2-Piece Compression ScupperPDFDXF
3580: VersaTerm™ EdgePDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Penetration Details

4010: Rectangular PenetrationPDFDXF
4010A: Adhered Rectangular PenetrationPDFDXF
4015: Skylight Deck MountPDFDXF
4020: Rectangular PenetrationPDFDXF
4025: Skylight Curb MountPDFDXF
4030: Pitch Pan - Option 1PDFDXF
4040: Pitch Pan - Option 2PDFDXF
4045: Vinyl-Coated Metal Pitch PanPDFDXF
4050: Roof Access Hatch - Option 1PDFDXF
4060: Roof Access Hatch - Option 2PDFDXF
4070: Round PenetrationPDFDXF
4080: Heat StackPDFDXF
4081: Insulated Refrigeration PipePDFDXF
4090: Wood SleeperPDFDXF
4100: Escutcheon (Conduit) WasherPDFDXF
4110: Angle Iron FlashingPDFDXF
4210: LadderAnchor™PDFDXF
4211: LadderAnchor™ ExtensionPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Vent Details

5000: Vented Ridge CapPDFDXF
5001: Vented Ridge Cap InstallationPDFDXF
5020: Two-Way Air VentPDFDXF
5025: Plenum VentPDFDXF
5030: Parapet Wall VentPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Parapet Details

6010: Parapet Flashing Tab SpacingPDFDXF
6020: Inside Wall TerminationPDFDXF
6030: Outside Wall TerminationPDFDXF
6040: Arched Drip Edge with Splice CleatPDFDXF
6050: Flat Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6052: Canted Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6053: Coping Cap Splice Plate InstallationPDFDXF
6055: Snap Coping CapPDFDXF
6056: Snap Coping Corner CapPDFDXF
6057: Arched Coping with Splice CleatPDFDXF
6060: Canted Wall - Option 1PDFDXF
6061: Canted Wall - Option 2PDFDXF
6070: Reverse Tab on WallPDFDXF
6080: Termination into Existing SystemPDFDXF
6090: Perpendicular Tab Parapet FlashingPDFDXF
6100: Vertical Fixture AttachmentPDFDXF
6110: Wall Covering TerminationPDFDXF
6120: Reglet Counterflashing - Options 1 and 2PDFDXF
6142: Duro-Flash II™PDFDXF
6145: Reglet Counterflashing - Option 3PDFDXF
6150: Various Outside Wall TerminationsPDFDXF
6160: Moisture Barrier at Wall TransitionPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Lightning and Snow Details

7002: Lightning Protection on DeckPDFDXF
7003: Lightning Protection on WallPDFDXF
7020: Snow GuardPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Metal Recover Details

8000: Fan Fold Recover with Flute FillerPDFDXF
8005: Straight-Cut Flute FillerPDFDXF
8010: Edge TerminationPDFDXF
8040: Metal Roof Tie-InPDFDXF
8050: Ridge Vent TerminationPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Duro-Roof® Details

9500: Duro-Roof® Adhesive ApplicationPDFDXF
9510: Duro-Roof® Option for Perimeter Fastening (10-Foot Tabs)PDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Roll Good - General Details

RG1052: Perimeter Fastening with 120, 60, and 30-Inch Wide RollsPDFDXF
RG1053: Perimeter Fastening with 60 and 30-Inch Wide RollsPDFDXF
RG1054: Perimeter Fastening with 120 and 30-Inch Wide RollsPDFDXF
RG1055: Perimeter Fastening with 60-Inch Wide RollsPDFDXF
RG1057: Perimeter Fastening with Duro-Bond® System (4 x 8-Foot Boards)PDFDXF
RG1058: Perimeter Fastening with Duro-Bond® System (Row Pattern)PDFDXF
RG1062: Fastener Placement and Sheet OverlapPDFDXF
RG1064: End-Lap Fastening and OverlapPDFDXF
RG1066: Location of T-Lap PatchesPDFDXF

Mech. Fastened - Roll Good - Parapet Details

RG6010A: Adhered Wall FlashingPDFDXF
RG6012: Wall Flashing - Horizontal FasteningPDFDXF
RG6013: Wall Flashing - Vertical FasteningPDFDXF

Adhered - Drain Details

AS2011: Duro-Last® PVC Clamping Ring Roof DrainPDFDXF

Adhered - Edge Details

AS3010: Termination BarPDFDXF
AS3030: 1 3/4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
AS3040: 4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
AS3110: 2-Piece Compression EdgePDFDXF
AS3120: Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
AS3500: 1 3/4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
AS3510: 4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
AS3560: 3 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF
AS3580: VersaTerm™ EdgePDFDXF

Adhered - Parapet Details

AS6000: Mechanically Fastened Wall Flashing - Option 1PDFDXF
AS6001: Mechanically Fastened Wall Flashing - Option 2PDFDXF
AS6010: Adhered Wall Flashing - Option 1PDFDXF
AS6011: Adhered Wall Flashing - Option 2PDFDXF
AS6050: Flat Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF

Adhered - Insulation Details

AS9000: 4 x 8-Foot Insulation/Cover Board - Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
AS9010: 4 x 4-Foot Insulation/Cover Board - Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
AS9015: Insulation/Cover Board - Perimeter AdhesionPDFDXF
AS9040: 4 x 8-Foot Insulation/Cover Board - Field FasteningPDFDXF
AS9050: 4 x 4-Foot Insulation/Cover Board - Field FasteningPDFDXF
AS9055: Insulation/Cover Board - Field AdhesionPDFDXF
AS9060: Peel Stop RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9060A: Peel Stop InstallationPDFDXF
AS9060B: Peel Stop InstallationPDFDXF

Adhered - Duro-Fleece® - Drain Details

DF2011: Duro-Last® PVC Clamping Ring Roof DrainPDFDXF

Adhered - Duro-Fleece® - Edge Details

DF3010: Termination BarPDFDXF
DF3021: Termination Bar into GutterPDFDXF
DF3030: 1 3/4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
DF3040: 4-Inch Vinyl Fascia SystemPDFDXF
DF3110: 2-Piece Compression EdgePDFDXF
DF3120: Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
DF3500: 1 3/4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
DF3510: 4-Inch Metal Fascia CoverPDFDXF
DF3560: 3 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF

Adhered - Duro-Fleece® - Parapet Details

DF6000: Mechanically Fastened Wall Flashing - Option 1PDFDXF
DF6001: Mechanically Fastened Wall Flashing - Option 2PDFDXF
DF6010: Adhered Wall Flashing - Option 1PDFDXF
DF6011: Adhered Wall Flashing - Option 2PDFDXF

Vapor Barrier Details

VB1020: Overlaps and T-LapsPDFDXF
VB1030: Outside CornerPDFDXF
VB1040: Inside CornerPDFDXF
VB1050: Round Penetration - Option 1PDFDXF
VB1060: Round Penetration - Option 2PDFDXF

Vinyl Rib Details

VR1001: General RequirementsPDFDXF
VR1005: Vinyl Rib SpacingPDFDXF
VR1010: Vinyl Rib ValleyPDFDXF
VR1015: Vinyl Rib RidgePDFDXF

Codes and Approvals

Canadian CCMC

CCMC 13299-L: Duro-Last® 50-Mil and 60-MilPDF
CCMC 13695-L: Duro-Fleece Plus®PDF
CCMC 14011-L: Duro-Fleece®PDF
CCMC 14012-L: Duro-Tuff®PDF

Canadian UL

UL Guide Information for Canada (TEVT7.GuideInfo)PDF
Roofing Products Certified for Canada (TGFU7.R10128)PDF
UL Roofing Systems (Class A, B, C) for Canada (TGFU.R10128)PDF

City of Los Angeles

City of Los AngelesPDF

City of New York

City of New YorkPDF

Dept Housing and Urban Development

HUD ApprovalPDF


Florida: FL1559-R11: Duro-Last® Single Ply Roof SystemsPDF
Florida: FL16039-R10: Duro-Last® Single Ply Roof SystemsPDF
NOA 17-0202.03: Concrete DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.04: Wood DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.05: Lightweight Concrete DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.06: Poured Gypsum DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.07: Cementitious Wood Fiber DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.08: Recover DecksPDF
NOA 17-0202.09: Steel DecksPDF


FM Approvals IntroductionPDF

Evaluation Report

UL Evaluation Report (ER10128-01)PDF


Hurricane ApprovalsPDF
RC-251: Duro-Last® over Steel DecksPDF
RC-252: Duro-Last® over Wood DecksPDF
RC-253: Duro-Last® over Cementitious Wood Fiber DecksPDF
RC-348: Duro-Fleece® Adhered over Various DecksPDF
RC-349: Duro-Last® Adhered and RhinoBond® over Steel DecksPDF


Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) IntroductionPDF
UL Roofing Systems (Class A, B ,C)PDF
UL Uplift ResistancePDF
UL Roofing MembranesPDF


Duro-Last® Supreme Warranties

15-Year NDL WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL Material WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL Material and Labor WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last® Ultra Warranties

15-Year NDL Hail WarrantyPDF
15-Year NDL High Wind WarrantyPDF
15-Year NDL Hail and High Wind WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL High Wind WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last® Basic Warranties

15-Year NDL WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last® Residential Warranties

15-Year Residential Material WarrantyPDF
20-Year Residential Material WarrantyPDF