Duro-Last® Specifications

System Specifications

System Specification Documents

Duro-Last® Mechanically Fastened Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Tuff® Mechanically Fastened Roofing SystemPDF
Adhered Duro-Fleece® Roofing SystemPDF
Adhered Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Bond® Roofing SystemPDF
Duro-Roof® Roofing SystemPDF
Shingle-Ply® Roofing SystemPDF
Vinyl Rib Roofing SystemPDF
Paver Roofing SystemPDF
Vegetative Roofing SystemPDF
Covered Roof Assembly: Pre-Approval FormPDF
Ordering and Estimating InformationPDF
Miscellaneous InformationPDF

Product Data Sheets

Membrane: DL - Duro-Last®

DL40 MembranePDF
DL50 MembranePDF
DL60 MembranePDF
DL ARP (Asphalt-Resistant PVC)PDF

Membrane: DF - Duro-Fleece®

DF50 MembranePDF
DF60 MembranePDF
DF80 MembranePDF
DFC50 MembranePDF
DFC60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DFP - Duro-Fleece Plus®

DFP50 MembranePDF
DFP60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DT - Duro-Tuff®

DT50 MembranePDF
DT60 MembranePDF
DT80 MembranePDF
DTC50 MembranePDF
DTC60 MembranePDF

Membrane: EV - Duro-Last EV

EV50 MembranePDF
EV60 MembranePDF

Membrane: DS - Designer Series

Rock-Ply® MembranePDF
Shingle-Ply® MembranePDF

Adhesive: Insulation

Adhesive Coverage RatesPDF
Duro-Grip® CR-20PDF
Duro-Grip® Insta-Stik™PDF
Duro-Grip® OlyBond500®PDF
Duro-Grip® Weather-Tite® Hurricane Force® PG-1PDF
Duro-Grip® Weather-Tite® One Step™PDF

Adhesive: Membrane

Adhesive Coverage RatesPDF
SB IV Adhesive (Solvent-Based)PDF
WB II Adhesive (Water-Based)PDF
Duro-Fleece® CR-20 Membrane AdhesivePDF
Duro-Fleece® OMG® Membrane AdhesivePDF
Tab Sealer 4725 AdhesivePDF

Caulk, Mastic, and Pitch Pocket Filler

Duro-Caulk® PlusPDF
SB-240 MasticPDF
Pitch Pan Filler (PPF)PDF

Custom Curbs, Stacks, and Corners

Curb FlashingPDF
Stack FlashingPDF
Corner FlashingPDF

Drains and Scuppers

Drain BootPDF
Composite Drain RingsPDF
Dome StrainerPDF
2-Inch Drain AdaptorPDF
PVC Drain with AdaptorPDF

Duro-Guard® Fan Fold Products

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
XPS Fan Fold - A (Hybrid Crush/Cut Fold)PDF
XPS Fan Fold - P (Crush Fold)PDF

Duro-Guard® Vapor Barrier Products

Elastocol StickPDF

Duro-Guard® Insulation Products

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
ISO HD CompositePDF
EPS Fiberglass FacerPDF
EPS Nail BasePDF
EPS Flute Fill ComboPDF

Duro-Guard® Roof Board Products

Duro-Guard® Product Weight ChartPDF
DensDeck® 1/4-InchPDF
DensDeck® 1/2-InchPDF
DensDeck® 5/8-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 1/4-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 1/2-InchPDF
DensDeck® Prime 5/8-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 1/4-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 3/8-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 1/2-InchPDF
Securock® Gypsum-Fiber 5/8-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 1/4-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 1/2-InchPDF
Securock® Glass-Mat 5/8-InchPDF

Duro-Light™ Skylights

Duro-Light™ Deck Mount SkylightPDF
Duro-Light™ Curb Mount SkylightPDF
Duro-Light™ EcoSky3PDF

Escutcheon (Conduit) Washer

Escutcheon (Conduit) WasherPDF

Exceptional® Metals

Fascia BasePDF
Fascia CoverPDF
High Profile™ FasciaPDF
4-Inch Flex Fascia CoverPDF
2-Piece Snap-On Compression SystemPDF
2-Piece Snap-On Compression LG SystemPDF
2-Piece Flex Snap-On Compression SystemPDF
Vinyl-Coated Drip EdgePDF
Arched Drip EdgePDF
T-Edge PlusPDF
Gravel Stop CoverPDF
Flat CopingPDF
Canted CopingPDF
Snap CopingPDF
Arched CopingPDF
Vinyl-Back Collector BoxPDF
Conductor HeadPDF
Parapet Wall VentPDF
Pitch PanPDF
Reglet and CounterflashingPDF
Vented Ridge CapPDF


Concrete ScrewPDF
Concrete NailPDF
Auger FastenerPDF
Zinc-Plated Metal AnchorPDF
Screw Point CapPDF

Parapet Wall Flashing

Parapet FlashingPDF


2-Inch Poly PlatePDF
Cleat PlatePDF
3-Inch Metal PlatePDF
Insulation PlatePDF

Rooftop Supports

CADDY® PYRAMID EZ Rubber-Based SupportPDF
CADDY® PYRAMID ST Strut-Based SupportPDF
CADDY® PYRAMID RL Roller-Based SupportPDF

Slip Sheets

Duro-Blue® Separation Slip SheetPDF
Duro-Weave™ Separation Slip SheetPDF
Atlas® FR-10 and FR-50 Slip SheetsPDF
Geotextile Slip SheetPDF
Ballast MatPDF

Termination and Edge

Termination BarPDF
Fascia SystemPDF
Metal Fascia SystemPDF
Metal Compression SystemPDF
Gravel Stop - Metal CoverPDF
Duro-Flash IIPDF

Two-Way Air Vents

Two-Way Air VentPDF

Vinyl-Coated Metal

Vinyl-Coated MetalPDF

Vinyl Rib

Duro-Last® Vinyl RibPDF

Walkway Pad

Roof Trak® III Walkway PadPDF

Detail Drawings

Mechanically Fastened Details

1010: Field SeamingPDFDXF
1020: Insulation and Recover FasteningPDFDXF
1030: Fan Fold Insulation FasteningPDFDXF
1040: Fastening into Metal DecksPDFDXF
1050: 31-Inch Reverse TabPDFDXF
1060: Deck Sheet SeamingPDFDXF
1070: Cross-Flute Metal Deck TerminationPDFDXF
1080: Tie-in for Asphalt Roof SystemsPDFDXF
1090: Tie-in for Single-Ply Roof SystemsPDFDXF
1100: Tie-in for Single-Ply Roof SystemsPDFDXF
1120: Tie-in for Shingled Roof SystemsPDFDXF
1130: Termination on Mansard RoofsPDFDXF
1140: Curb-Style Expansion JointPDFDXF
1150: Curb-Style Expansion Joint with CapPDFDXF
1160: Deck-Level Expansion JointPDFDXF
1170: Deck-to-Wall Expansion JointPDFDXF
1180: Inside and Outside CornersPDFDXF
1190: Poly-Plate PositioningPDFDXF
2011: PVC Roof DrainPDFDXF
2020: Roof Drain with Leaf GratePDFDXF
2021: Roof Drain with Dome StrainerPDFDXF
2025: Overflow DrainPDFDXF
2030: Open End ScupperPDFDXF
2041: Closed End ScupperPDFDXF
2050: 2-Inch Drain AdaptorPDFDXF
2060: Metal Flange and Two-Skirt ScupperPDFDXF
2061: Single Skirt Metal ScupperPDFDXF
2070: Vinyl-Back Collector with ScupperPDFDXF
2090: Gutter AttachmentPDFDXF
2091: Gutter Attachment X-SeriesPDFDXF
2095: Gutter Expansion JointPDFDXF
2105: Removable Gutter SystemPDFDXF
3010: Termination BarPDFDXF
3020: Standard Termination Bar into GutterPDFDXF
3025: X-Series Termination Bar into GutterPDFDXF
3030: 1-3/4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
3040: 4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
3050: 2-Inch Drip Edge into GutterPDFDXF
3060: 2-Inch Drip EdgePDFDXF
3070: 4-Inch Drip EdgePDFDXF
3080: Gravel Stop / Drip Edge CornersPDFDXF
3090: 2-1/2-Inch Gravel StopPDFDXF
3100: 4-Inch Gravel StopPDFDXF
3110: 2-Piece Compression EdgePDFDXF
3115: 2-Piece Compression Edge LGPDFDXF
3120: Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
3130: Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
3140: Enveloped Termination Bar on CantPDFDXF
3500: 1-3/4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
3510: 4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
3511: 4-Inch Metal Flex Fascia CoverPDFDXF
3513: 2-Piece Flex Compression EdgePDFDXF
3520: 2-Inch Metal Gravel Stop SystemPDFDXF
3530: 4-Inch Metal Gravel Stop SystemPDFDXF
3540: Metal Edge ExtenderPDFDXF
3550: T-EdgePDFDXF
3555: T-Edge PlusPDFDXF
3560: 4 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF
3570: 2-Piece Compression ScupperPDFDXF
4010: Rectangular PenetrationPDFDXF
4015: Skylight Deck MountPDFDXF
4020: Rectangular PenetrationPDFDXF
4025: Skylight Curb MountPDFDXF
4030: Pitch Pan - Option 1PDFDXF
4040: Pitch Pan - Option 2PDFDXF
4045: Vinyl-Coated Metal Pitch PanPDFDXF
4050: Roof Access Hatch - Option 1PDFDXF
4060: Roof Access Hatch - Option 2PDFDXF
4070: Round PenetrationPDFDXF
4080: Heat StackPDFDXF
4081: Insulated Refrigeration VentPDFDXF
4090: Wood SleeperPDFDXF
4100: Escutcheon (Conduit) WasherPDFDXF
4110: Angle Iron FlashingPDFDXF
4200: Vented Ridge CapPDFDXF
4200 Installation: Vented Ridge CapPDFDXF
5020: Two-Way VentPDFDXF
5025: Plenum Vent InstallationPDFDXF
6010: Parapet FlashingPDFDXF
6015: Parapet Wall VentPDFDXF
6020: Inside Wall TerminationPDFDXF
6030: Outside Wall TerminationPDFDXF
6040: Arched Drip Edge with Splice CleatPDFDXF
6050: Flat Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6050A Installation: Flat Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6052: Canted Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6052A Installation: Canted Coping with Continuous CleatPDFDXF
6054: Snap Coping CapPDFDXF
6054 Installation 1: Snap Coping CapPDFDXF
6054 Installation 2: Snap Coping CapPDFDXF
6056: Arched Coping with Splice CleatPDFDXF
6056A Installation: Arched Coping with Splice CleatPDFDXF
6060: Canted Wall - Option 1PDFDXF
6061: Canted Wall - Option 2PDFDXF
6070: Reverse Lap ParapetPDFDXF
6080: Termination into Existing SystemPDFDXF
6090: Perpendicular Tab Wall FlashingPDFDXF
6100: Electrical Fixture AttachmentPDFDXF
6110: Siding TerminationPDFDXF
6120: Reglet Counterflashing - Option 1PDFDXF
6130: Reglet Counterflashing - Option 2PDFDXF
6142: Duro-Flash IIPDFDXF
6145: Reglet Counterflashing - Option 3PDFDXF
6150: Various Outside Wall TerminationsPDFDXF
6160: Moisture Barrier at Wall TransitionPDFDXF
7002: Lightning Protection on DeckPDFDXF
7003: Lightning Protection on WallPDFDXF
7020: Snow Guard InstallationPDFDXF
8000: Metal Retrofit - Fan Fold Recover with Flute FillerPDFDXF
8005: Metal Retrofit - Straight-Cut Flute FillerPDFDXF
8010: Metal Retrofit - Eve Edge TerminationPDFDXF
8040: Metal Retrofit - Standing Seam Tie-inPDFDXF
8050: Metal Retrofit - Ridge Vent TerminationPDFDXF
9500: Duro-Roof® Adhesive ApplicationPDFDXF
9510: Duro-Roof® Option for Perimeter (10-Foot Tabs)PDFDXF

Roll Good Details

DT1052: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1053: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1054: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1055: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1056: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1057: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1058: Perimeter FasteningPDFDXF
DT1062: Fastener Placement and Sheet OverlapPDFDXF
DT1064: End-Lap Fastening and OverlapPDFDXF
DT1066: Location of T-Lap PatchesPDFDXF
DT6012: Wall Flashing - Horizontal FasteningPDFDXF
DT6013: Wall Flashing - Vertical FasteningPDFDXF

Adhered Details

AS3010: Edge Detail - Termination BarPDFDXF
AS3030: Edge Detail - 1-3/4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
AS3040: Edge Detail - 4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
AS3110: Edge Detail - 2-Piece Compression MetalPDFDXF
AS3120: Edge Detail - Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
AS3500: Edge Detail - 1-3/4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
AS3510: Edge Detail - 4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
AS3560: Edge Detail - 4 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF
AS6000: Mechanically Attached Wall Flashing OptionsPDFDXF
AS6010: Adhered Wall Flashing OptionsPDFDXF
AS9000: 4' x 8' Insulation Fastening - Perimeter and Corner Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9010: 4' x 4' Insulation Fastening - Perimeter and Corner Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9015: 4' x 4' Insulation Adhered - Perimeter and Corner Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9020: 3' x 4' Insulation Fastening - All Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9030: 2' x 4' Insulation Fastening - All Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9040: 4' x 8' Insulation Fastening - Field Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9050: 4' x 4' Insulation Fastening - Field Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9055: 4' x 4' Insulation Adhered - Field Area RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9060: Peel Stop RequirementsPDFDXF
AS9060A: Peel Stop InstallationPDFDXF

Adhered Duro-Fleece® Details

DF2011: Clamping Ring Drain AssemblyPDFDXF
DF3010: Edge Detail - Termination BarPDFDXF
DF3020: Edge Detail - Termination Bar in GutterPDFDXF
DF3021: Edge Detail - Termination Bar in GutterPDFDXF
DF3030: Edge Detail - 1-3/4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
DF3040: Edge Detail - 4-Inch FasciaPDFDXF
DF3110: Edge Detail - 2-Piece Compression MetalPDFDXF
DF3120: Edge Detail - Vinyl-Coated Metal Drip EdgePDFDXF
DF3500: Edge Detail - 1-3/4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
DF3510: Edge Detail - 4-Inch Metal Fascia SystemPDFDXF
DF3560: Edge Detail - 3 to 8-Inch Fascia BasePDFDXF
DF6000: Mechanically Attached Wall Flashing OptionsPDFDXF
DF6010: Adhered Wall Flashing OptionsPDFDXF
DF6020: Parapet Wall FlashingPDFDXF
DF9000: Insulation Fastening - Perimeter and Corner Area RequirementsPDFDXF
DF9010: Insulation Fastening - Field Area RequirementsPDFDXF
DF9060: Peel Stop RequirementsPDFDXF
DF9060A: Peel Stop InstallationPDFDXF

Vapor Barrier Details

VB1010: Overlaps and T-Laps - Flat SurfacesPDFDXF
VB1020: Overlaps and T-Laps - Steel DecksPDFDXF
VB1030: Outside CornerPDFDXF
VB1040: Inside CornerPDFDXF
VB1050: Round Penetration - Option 1PDFDXF
VB1060: Round Penetration - Option 2PDFDXF
VB1070: Drain AssemblyPDFDXF

Vinyl Rib Details

VR1001: General RequirementsPDFDXF
VR1005: Vinyl Rib SpacingPDFDXF
VR1010: Vinyl Rib ValleyPDFDXF
VR1015: Vinyl Rib RidgePDFDXF

Codes and Approvals


ULC and CCMC IntroductionPDF
CCMC 13299-L: Duro-Last® 50-Mil and 60-MilPDF
CCMC 13695-L: Duro-Fleece Plus®PDF
CCMC 14011-L: Duro-Fleece®PDF
CCMC 14012-L: Duro-Tuff®PDF
ULC Roofing Systems (Class A, B ,C)PDF

City of Los Angeles

City of Los AngelesPDF

City of New York

City of New YorkPDF

Dept Housing and Urban Development

HUD ApprovalPDF


Florida: FL1559: Duro-Last Single Ply Roof SystemsPDF
Florida: FL16039: Duro-Last Single Ply Roof SystemsPDF
NOA 13-0724.02: Concrete DecksPDF
NOA 13-1106.03: Wood DecksPDF
NOA 14-0325.10: Lightweight Concrete DecksPDF
NOA 14-0325.11: Poured Gypsum DecksPDF
NOA 14-0325.12: Cementitious Wood Fiber DecksPDF
NOA 14-0617.04: Recover DecksPDF
NOA 14-0617.05: Steel DecksPDF


FM Approvals IntroductionPDF

ICC-ES Evaluation Report

ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR-1660)PDF


RC-251: Duro-Last® over Steel DecksPDF
RC-252: Duro-Last® over Wood DecksPDF
RC-253: Duro-Last® over Cementitious Wood Fiber DecksPDF
RC-348: Duro-Fleece® Adhered over Various DecksPDF
RC-349: Duro-Last® Adhered and RhinoBond® over Steel DecksPDF


Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) IntroductionPDF
UL Roofing Systems (Class A, B ,C)PDF
UL Uplift ResistancePDF
UL Roofing MembranesPDF


Duro-Last Supreme Warranties

15-Year NDL WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL Material WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL Material and Labor WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last Ultra Warranties

15-Year NDL Hail WarrantyPDF
15-Year NDL High Wind WarrantyPDF
15-Year NDL Hail and High Wind WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL High Wind WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last Basic Warranties

15-Year NDL WarrantyPDF
20-Year NDL WarrantyPDF

Duro-Last Residential Warranties

15-Year Residential Material WarrantyPDF
20-Year Residential Material WarrantyPDF